Tuesday, 6 December 2011

American Consumerism

This is an advertisment for the Lager Budweiser. This is an American drink which origins are from German roots. The advertisement has a vivid red background in order to grapple the viewers attention. The subliminal messages that are given off in this advertisement are that of; authority, power and being on top. Calling it the King of Beers is a is similar to Carlsbergs' claim it's 'probably' the best in the world. This is where the American(ness) comes out in the advertisment. There is no probably this is an all out statement of what this beer and America is. Not necessarily king but, they are on top. The angle of the picture is to give the feel that the beer is looking over you dominating you to an extent much like America does at the present time. The picture contains a presence of power and authority which is what the world has come to see of the U.S.

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