Monday, 5 December 2011

This Cover Girl cosmetics adveritsement i think is set on introducing 'New' and Fresh' values when it comes to beauty and skin care. Putting a famous celebrity on the front instantly interests the buyer as they believe that if they are endorcing the product it must be a good brand worthy of star quality.

Selling the foundation as 'A breath of fresh air' says to the buyer that this is the newest cleanest product on the market unlike anything before. The model has cleverly been airbrushed to have flawless skin on the cover alowing the consumer to belive that if they prchase this product they too can have skin like her and ultimatly look and be like her herself.

'Light as air feel' says to the buyer that this is a lighter product unlike the heavyer foundations that you can get that make you look like your wearing too much make up. So what this product is trying to do is sell minimalism and focus on 'Real beauty'. This is evident as they have cleverly made the model look as if she is wearing little to no make up. Making the consumer believe that this product gives the illusion that you are a 'Natural beauty'. This will ultimatly attract the buyer as every girl wants to believe that they dont need alot of make up to be beautiful. So what this advertisment is doing is targeting the audiences self esteem, making them think that if they buy this product they will become a better version of themselves.

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