Monday, 31 October 2011

Exploration and Expectation
This is an account by William Bartram he explored through North and South Carolina. He describes how the Native Americans he met had already made contact with White European settlers by looking at their equipment and from discussion with them. He describes the areas he goes to in great depth to describe his surroundings for example 'the leave are lanciolate and intire, two or three inches in length one in breadth' To pay this much attention to detail of the landscape he must have found the area fascinating. The way he describes it also shows though it is wonderous in its beauty it is also untamed land that one must be wary of and always keep on guard 'having good reason to dread the subtle attacks of the allegators, who were crouding about my harbour'. Although this was written in the 1700's much of America was still wild and would if possible strike you down at the first opportunity and this I find important as it wasn't only a new life that they were looking for but to protect themselves from the elements that were posed against them.

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