Saturday, 15 October 2011

I chose to analise this Chinease article on the relationship between China and Obama as I feel that the relationship between the two countries is an important one due to their economic and social influence on the world. The blog discusses two articles from two different websites on thier view on Obama and how he has effected China. The article from Hexun suggests that Obama will put a dampen on the foriegn trade market as opposed to the some what out of control policy under Bush. The article includes the phrase 'The pressure is great for chinease foriegn trade'followed by a letter Obama sent to a textile organisation in the US promising to put pressure on China to reduce exports. This thus makes you think the relationship between the two is negative, however the article goes on to suggest a common ground between the two as they work together to solve the current financial crisis.

The article from Sina projects a far more positive Chinease attitude towards Obama pointing out that he has a reputation for pragmatism considering any possible policy changes towards China. This shows how Obama ia willing to help China ia crisis suggesting an alliance which is relevent to America because if they are ever in trouble they will have a strong alliance. The article then somewhat explains this positive relationship explaining how Obama spent four of his formative years in Indonesia leaving him with a positive attidude on Asia.

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