Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Big government is a website containing political articles, one of which, created by a financial writer called Chris Street, looks at American exceptionalism which is a theme seen throughout De Crevecoeur’s book. Street writes about the recession in America in great detail using statistics to show the struggle many Americans are going through. By first looking at the negatives, Street then looks at the factors which will enable America to gain the advantage over other countries once again. By looking at the two quotes below, one which is located at the beginning and one located at the end of the article, you can see that Street believes that America's economy is now back on its way back to greatness and therefore the USA can be seen again as the land of opportunity;

'that will lead to result a rebirth of American manufacturing, coupled with positive business trends'

'Once again, America increasingly looks positioned to economically dominate the 21st Century.'

The word in these quotes that sticks out is 'rebirth' as in De Crevecoeur’s book he is constantly referring to America as being born and uses the word 'new' regularly. Both writers describe the USA in a positive way as a land where anyone can succeed with an obvious difference being that Street is describing a boom in modern industry and doesn't look at the land owning and farming boom described by De Crevecoeur;

'you will easily be made acquainted with the happy effects which constantly flow, in this country, from sobriety and industry, when united with good land and freedom.'

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