Saturday, 8 October 2011


This map that I found on 'Stange Maps' outlines where there are the most single males, and single females living in the United States. Blue representing single males and red representing single females. I found this map interesting as socially a persons 'Relationship Status' is what drives the actions of everybody not just in America but in the world. What this map is showing is that the most male singles live on the West Coast and the female singles live on the East Coast. 'Strange Maps' makes a very interesting analysis asking the question, due to there being most male singles on the West Coast is that why there is the most gun crime in LA? Following this, if there are the most single females on the East Coast is that why 'Sex and the City ' was filmed in New York instead of LA? Leaving the question hanging, if everybody just met in the middle would it make our lives a whole lot easier?

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