Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gun Control: Anti - Pro The National Rifle association is an Anti gun contol group created in 1871. By looking at the website at face value it isn't hard to tell what sort of group this is. There are clear signs that the organization is politically active with an array of articles linked to politics and the interpretation of the 2nd amendment. It's clear that the site is organized with links to 'Friends' of NRA and to the other places of a similar nature. This a Pro Gun Contol site named after a victim of a shooting who was paralyzed in the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. This organization has tried to pressure and help raise awareness of Gun related crimes and the damage they cause. A significant way they do this is by having a little post at the top of the screen which says how many people have been shot just on that day.
Given my view on politics it seems the Brady campiagn is the most convining. This may be because it is playing partially on fear and it seems the smarter way of doing things.

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