Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I chose this American University website as it celebrates and praises the hard working latinos in the society and thanks them for theyre contribution to America and praises them for theyre drive to want to reach the American Dream. 'From the braceros program of the early 1900s to the harvest pickers and line workers of today, we say gracias and we continue to organize and help Latinos get on their way to reaching the American dream.' This highlights the drive of the Latino people as they are determined to reach the American Dream and believe the only way they can do this is through hard work and dedicattion to the country. This therefore proves that this ideology survives today in America, if you work hard and work your way up in the state and society you will reach that Eutopian goal.

This directly relates to De Crevecouer’s idea of 'The New and Exceptional' as he talks about the importance of hard work and how that is all it takes to reach the American Dream and that is why America is an exception to places such as Europe where they live in a far more structured, class driven society. ' I am far from rejoicing to hear that there are in the world me so thorouly wretched. They are no doubt as harmless, industrious, and willing to work as we are.' ( Letters, Letter 2, P-24) This backs up my statement about De Crevecour's strong opinions and dedication to hard work, mirroring that of the Lationo hard workers in my example proving that this work etic and drive has not been lost on society today.

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