Sunday, 27 November 2011

Horatio Alger Myth

This description that i found i believe sums up the Horatio Alger Myth simply but succesfully. It breaks down the ideology that if you work hard in like you will gain success. I believe this is a true statement and does relate to Ragged Dick due to the fact that Dick starts off as a shoe shiner making his way through 'pluck and luck' to being a clerk earning 10 dollars a week. While this does indeed relate to the Horatio Alger Myth there is never a clear indication of what 'succes' really is, means or represents. Whether success is financial, cultural or personal. Dick i believe achieved all of these aspects but it would not be so in comparison to pther people in reality who have achieved greater success. Success is deemed i believe more often than to be measured upon wealth and finance, so if taking that into consideration the Horatio ALger Myth does not relate to Dick as he was not greatly wealthy.

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